Our Services


Our agents with strong professional backgrounds, such as law and accounting, serve families and business owners with customized financial solutions. Apart from helping families with the goal of financial security and wealth transfer, the team is dedicated to providing business owners with tax deduction solutions, such as Defined Benefit Planning, Executive Bonus Planning, and Buy & Sell Planning. We also provide customized planning for high net-worth clients from the U.S. and overseas; such as, private replacement insurance solutions and premium finance insurance solutions. Our offices are across the U.S., including Houston, New Jersey-New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boston.

Service Scopes

Who Do We Care?What Do We Serve?
Business OwnerPension Defined Benefits
Business Legacy Planning
Disability Income Protection
Employee Rewarding/Retention Planning
Young CouplesRetirement Funding
College Education Funding
Financial Security Planning
Pre-RetirementAnnuity with Lifetime Income
Wealth Transfer
Living Benefits
High Net-Worth Premium Finance Insurance Solution
Private Placement Insurance Solution
Foreign NationalB1/B2 Visa
Customized Financial Planning