About Us

David Tao, President

Million Dollar Round Table, Top of the Table (MDRT, TOT) Club Member

To start up Delta Financial Services, David Tao has set the goal to lead a strong team of financial professionals and provide clients with financial planning, catering to individual needs. David is dedicated to leveraging all the resources available from a variety of carriers with good financial strength.

David worked as a Regional Vice President focusing on AIG’s Financial Network life sales and closely worked with firms in Washington DC, Pasadena, San Jose, Houston, New Jersey and New York. As a Regional Vice President, David helped firm leaders and financial advisors understand the solutions and benefits that AIG can offer to their clients. Before joining AIG, David worked with Met Life as a Regional Sales Vice President for MPCG’s protection wholesaling group, while supporting nationwide Asian markets: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta and Washington D.C for over 10 years.

David Tao

Dr. Jin Wang

Dr. Jin Wang, Senior Managing Director

Million Dollar Round Table, Top of the Table (MDRT, TOT) Club Member

Ph.D./Master of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from University of Michigan (UM), Master of Mechanical Engineering from UM, and Bachelor of Engineering from Tsinghua University, Dr. Wang worked as an engineer in the petroleum industry for many years on engineering design and project management. Now he is dedicated to the financial services industry, acting as a broker for mainstream products of major insurance companies in worldwide.

Dr. Wang holds licenses of insurance and annuity in 21 states of the United States and efficiently serves clients remotely. He also serves high-net-worth individuals and short-term visitors (B1/B2visas) from overseas to the U.S. for business or travel purposes.

Dr. Wang is an expert on customized insurance planning, premium finance, and private placement insurance solutions. He has been helping many clients and families with their financial planning, asset allocations, education funding, life insurance, and annuities. He is also experienced in tax exemption plans, business continuation plans, employee benefits, and rewarding plans, talent retention programs, partner protection plans, etc. for small to medium business owners.

Coco Wan, Senior Vice President

Million Dollar Round Table, Top of the Table (MDRT, TOT) Club Member

After graduating from the top law school in China, Coco Wan worked as an attorney in
Shanghai and Shenzhen before continuing her education. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice in Canada and another Master’s Degree in Computer Forensics in the United States.

As a financial professional, Coco has expertise in wealth transfer and estate planning for successful businessmen and high-net-worth individuals by means of irrevocable life insurance trust or charitable trust. She also helps many families with their retirement and college funding. Furthermore, Coco assists business owners with their tax deduction planning, employee rewarding/retention planning, and business legacy planning. She helps clients, across the nation and globally, with customized insurance and annuity plans.

Before joining AIG as a financial representative, Coco worked with Big Four consulting firm, Deloitte, as a consultant, which brings her highly efficient working style and excellent interpersonal skills.

Coco Wan

Fiona Gao

Fiona Gao, Independent Insurance Broker

Graduated with a B.A major in law from Shandong Technology and Business University in China, Fiona worked in Yantai Municipal Court and Legal Affairs Office, engaged in civil and administrative law work. Later, she worked as a career instructor in Shanghai Employment Promotion Center.

Now Fiona is working as an independent professional insurance broker in California USA, helping Asian/Chinese clients to build financial safety net. Fiona is specialized in securing the most suitable and affordable life insurance and annuity products through many American Class A insurance companies. With years of experience in grassroots service in China, Fiona developed excellent communication and coordination skills, and is able to help clients tailor asset allocation from the perspective of clients, and develop exclusive financial planning, education funding, retirement planning and wealthy transfer. She has been helping high-net worth clients who come to the US for short-term visits, as well as young parents who came to the United States to give birth.

Fiona can be reach via phone: +1(626)592-8956 or WeChat contact: gaohui0607